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“Humanity is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing ages. It is a time of social readjustment. It is a time of moral quickening. And, it is a time of spiritual enlightenment. Mankind is at the threshold! We are headed toward a higher evolving destiny. There is need of truth and deeper understanding.


Revelation is like looking through a divine lens. With each major revelation, the lens is widened to give us a broader picture of the truth of the reality of our existence. The new revelation I speak of serves to fill in the gaps in our planet’s history and to detail a destiny of eternal adventure.


We are a confused world! You do not need a book to know this. But, knowing more about the universe can assist all of us through the maze of confusion. We have little knowledge beyond God and man with angels in between. We know little about our evolving souls and who is “out there” guiding us, much less who is inside us helping us to become the best we can be. We have thought, if we gave it thought, like “only” children; but we are really cosmic citizens within a friendly universe teeming with life.”


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Quivering on the Brink


Author : Mary Ebben Livingston BIO LINK


188 pages PDF format


Non Fiction, Spiritual, Urantia Book reference material for new readers of the UB.


Reading level:  ages 15 through adult.


Sample 20 pages: CLICK HERE standard PDF


Click on this link to read more about her book. Link includes Intro, Table of Contents, closing thoughts : -MORE-


What it’s about: Non fiction. In the 1920’s, in Chicago, an extraordinary book appeared. Over 2,000 pages of very advanced spiritual information was imparted to our world. This book is a beginners guide to that other book known as the Urantia Book. You’ve probably never heard of it… but it answers many of other religions unanswered questions.


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