The Alien Intimacies [Video and Book information below]

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Title: The Alien Intimacies

Author :Jim Cleveland  [ Bio Link]

234 pages   eBook is PDF format /  Print version is soft cover

Romance, adventure, spiritual, historical, very entertaining.


Reading level:  ages 15 through adult. [ Parental Warning: Contains some adult subjects involving sensuality]


What it’s about: 250,000 years ago on our world there was a great catastrophe. A young civilization was destroyed. Alien colonists from another star system we know as the Pleiades are stranded on our world as a result. They do what they can to rebuild our world.


Today, thousands of centuries later, the descendants of those marooned on Earth return to investigate what happened. Their mission is to help set things right again by introducing Earth humans to their hidden past.


Roci is a beautiful off-world human who is part of the investigation team sent to Earth to help correct the damage to  human development  on our world.  She meets Jason and becomes involved in his life  more than she originally intended as he also becomes involved in her mission.  Mystery, adventure and sensual encounters draw Jason ever closer to Roci’s secrets as he takes his first steps toward ancient knowledge long forgotten.


As Roci guides Jason into his past she too learns something … that love can be found in surprising places …


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