Promotional video  Beyond Cynicism by Jim Cleveland

Title: Beyond Cynicism [ Non Fiction] 

Author :Jim Cleveland  [ Bio Link]

120 pages   eBook is PDF format /  Print version is soft cover

Inspirational,  spiritual, historical, life changing.


Reading level:  ages 15 through adult. 

What It’s About : Most individuals have questions why they exist, what is their life’s purpose, what choice should they implement in difficult situations?

The author, like you, asked those questions and many more in his personal journey for understanding his life questions.

A self proclaimed cynic, at first, he was filled with doubt and need for understanding about our world and all of its angering paradoxes.

Then something happened. He became aware of a higher authority with the answers through what is now known as Stillness Practice.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about any deity or lack of deity. Stillness will answer your questions specific to your life. 

Cut out all the middlemen telling you what to believe. Go directly to the Source.

This book will show you how one cynic did just that.


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