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Title: Celestials Over Cincinati

           Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time

[ Non Fiction] 

Author :Jim Cleveland  [ Bio Link]

348 pages   eBook is PDF format /  Print version is soft cover

Inspirational,  spiritual, historical, life changing, Urantia based material.


Reading level:  ages 15 through adult. 

What It’s About : 

For those who know of and have studied the unique text known as the Urantia Book, this book will add to that knowledge through groups of others formed to delve deeper into the Urantia teachings.

The studies are arranged around what is known as the Teaching Mission. Home study groups for the Urantia Book utilize a technique known as human transmitter-receivers (TRs) to receive and contact the celestials mentioned within the Urantia Book text.

These spiritual guides assist the study groups in understanding to greater depth the vast knowledge contained within the UB text and more.

Celestials Over Cincinati follows the path of the author, as a skeptic turned believer when he also begins to transmit and receive knowledge from the Celestial realms.

This is NOT a channeled text as is often refered to in new age nomenclature. It is quite different.

Expand your knowledge into the unseen worlds inhabited by the Angels and other Celestial Beings, who strive to help us improve our lives.

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