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Shen Xiao,  is a term used by the secretive monks of the mythical Shangri-La located somewhere in the far east. These stories follow the exploits of a special pair of women who discover what is true love when they learn about the sensual discipline of Shen Xiao which means, Spiritual Lovemaking.





Private Pleasures is Ms. Rebecca’s first volume of seven in the Poetry and Stories collections.

Inside are 57 of her sexy poems and eleven of her very pleasurable short stories.






Ms. Rebecca was inspired in her writing by certain images. To date, over 330 poems have been completed with corresponding artwork.

These images inspired the poetry in her 7 volumes of sensual texts. The Sketchbook contains fifty of the 330 images. Each page of this e-book medium can be printed for an 8 x 10 personal copy of any image that inspires you.












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